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GiG Hard Seltzer

The idea is made, but how on earth are we going to create it? That was the question GiG Hard Seltzer, a young, popular and fast-growing company, asked us: "We want an online video series that playfully presents the story behind the founding of GiG". And that is what QuickVision was called in to do. We drafted a concept, wrote a script, added some games and designed the set. Within a day, all six videos were shot and one is shared on social media each week. The video's offer the chance to hear the story behind the hard seltzer drink straight from the founders and get a feel for what's behind the brand.


After the initial six-part video campaign, GiG wanted additional content. There would be an advertising video where the possibilities were endless. The more extreme, the better. Since the GiG knows their own company best, we organized a brainstorm session at their office. The most important thing about this meeting: anything can be said and nothing is too crazy. This is how we end up with the best ideas. This organized chaos led to some incredibly good ideas. 

Episode 1 - De broers achter GiG

Episode 4 -

GiG is taking over the world

Episode 2 - How it all kickstarted

Episode 5 - American Dream

Episode 3 - De GiG Cultuur

Episode 6 - What's next?

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