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Our story

In 2015, Gilles Hagen started his first photoshoot at a bohemian wedding in Scheveningen. After a number of successful photography projects, Gilles quickly realized he could work with other people under the same brand name: QuickVision Photography, and with that he expanded the photography effort.

One year later, Gilles met Thomas Weenk during an event and they soon partnered together to form a company, including both photography and videography. QuickVision Creative was born and expanded the business in the following years, using a group of freelancers to make the content. The business mainly focused on parties, festivals and corporate events. This provided us with a very energetic and creative entry into the world of creative productions.

As Thomas Aleva joined the company, the workforce transitioned away from freelancers towards a creative team of employees. An office space was acquired in the center of Delft, which kicked off the start of an ever expanding headquarters and the initial development of a company culture (What is now our gear storage, used to be the complete office). All this time, our work consisted mostly of capturing more and larger events and festivals.

Up until this moment, the three co-owners had the ambition to continue a career in engineering after their studies at the Delft University of Technology. However, they realized that their company had future potential. More importantly, it would be a future they would truly enjoy. All three committed to working full-time at the company directly after graduating. The company did not have any full-time employees until Gilles graduated in 2021, almost 6 years after QuickVision initially started.

After the first quarter of 2020 however, all events were suddenly canceled. More than 100 projects were canceled within a month’s time. After the first shock, we quickly managed to pivot our focus towards content creation for businesses. In addition to providing photography and videography, the company took on Alex Pobuda who developed a branch in graphic design and animated videos. During this year, we partnered with several companies and provided them with visual content to facilitate their communications, marketing and branding.

However, in 2022, we came to the realization that many of our corporate productions became stale and were not creatively

challenging our team. A visit to South by Southwest paired with many discussions around our vision and strategy, led us to formulate a new direction in which to develop our organization. By combining our knowledge of technology and sustainability with our passion for creativity, our mission is to contribute to a sustainable future by accelerating transitions through purpose driven content.

Download our company strategy 

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