Meet the

Our founders are TU Delft graduates who believed that there is more to a sustainable future than technical solutions. Consumers, businesses and governments need to understand new technologies, implement them, and adapt their behaviour.

QV Creative understands the working principles of innovative solutions and translates complex concepts into compelling stories.

Today, we're a team with a unique blend of engineers and creatives, dedicated to create impact.

Koen van Driel

Creative director & Editor
BA. Film Production

Daan Kamphorst

Creative director
BA. Film Production

Gilles Hagen

Commercial director
MSc. Offshore Engineering

Thomas Weenk

Head of Operations
MSc. Sustainable Electrical Engineering

Alex Pobuda

Creative Director & Motion designer
MSc. Industrial Design Engineering

Eva Welten

Head of Design
BA. Transformation Design

Thomas Aleva

Human Resources
MSc. Biomechanical Design

Claartje Bours

Creative Copywriter
BA. Creative Business