Durf on tour

F|Fort foundation

The F|Fort Foundation was established to raise awareness for the mental well-being of young adults with cancer. Founder Floor van Liemt released "De Gemene Deler" in 2021, a coffee table book that tells the stories of 11 young adults with cancer through 66 images. The F|Fort Foundation exhibits a selection of 11 images from the art photography book "De Gemene Deler" in 4 major cities. The theme of the exhibition is Durf! Dare to set aside your fear. Fear of your own emotions or those of others, of saying the wrong thing, of not having enough time, or of not doing the right thing. Dare to ask further questions. Only when you truly understand what's going on can you genuinely help others.


The aim of the exhibition is to depict the unspeakable and thereby initiate a conversation. That's why a theme had to be chosen that genuinely sparks the conversation. Furthermore, the theme needed to be clearly translated throughout the campaign. Both text and imagery should radiate Durf!

Campaign concept


Claartje Bours
Claartje Bours
Graphic designer
Eva Welten

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