Product launch

Loop Biotech

Loop has created the world's first living coffin made of mycellium, a sustainable alternative to current funeral practices. After releasing a new line of products, we portrayed them properly within Loop's innovative style. In addition, overcoming the eeriness discussing of a new type of coffin was essential.

Both goals were achieved through our unique visual production. To inform both funeral homes and potential clients about the new products, a series of instructional videos were produced. In addition, we captured Loop's vision in a vibrant brand video. Finally, a large collection of photographs was shot for use on the website, in flyers and for the press.


We were provided with a brand book and translated it into a lively script. We pitched this to our client and made concrete with a storyboard. Our art director applied a matching style that allowed us and our team to deliver the production.

Brand video
3 Product video's
Product photo's


Thomas Weenk
Koen van Driel
Art direction
Eva Welten
Eva Welten
Jesse Lokin

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